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Accountability Press, LLC is the private, official book publisher for Batts Morrison Wales & Lee.  Accountability Press has a unique focus on producing practical books to help nonprofit leaders guide their organizations with excellence.  Every book published by Accountability Press is written with a commitment to help strengthen and empower the great organizations that make a positive difference in the lives of people all around the world every day.

Accountability Press Titles

Nonprofit Finance: The Field Guide for Financial Operations of Ministries, Schools, and Other Public Charities
(Updated First Edition)

Financial administration is a critically important and foundational element of a sound and healthy nonprofit.  If done poorly, every day can bring a new emergency or crisis, which can impair the credibility of the organization’s message or impede its ability to carry out its mission effectively.  That said, Mike Batts’ Nonprofit Finance: The Field Guide for Financial Operations of Ministries, Schools, and Other Public Charities, was designed specifically to provide the clarity and guidance needed to successfully navigate financial administration while effectively pursuing your nonprofit’s purpose.


"Nonprofit Finance: The Field Guide for Financial Operations of Ministries, Schools, and Other Public Charities – This book is a tremendous resource that every nonprofit organization can use.  It addresses many critical issues essential to effective and efficient financial administration.  In typical Mike Batts fashion, the information is presented in a manner that can be easily understood by staff."

Dan Kreider, Chief Operations Officer

"Financial integrity and accountability are a must for nonprofits in today's world.  In Nonprofit Finance, thought leader and veteran CPA Mike Batts offers a technically sound, comprehensive, and extremely practical roadmap in helping build the solid financial foundation you need to fuel your organization's mission."

Michael Martin, President

Nonprofit Financial Oversight

Nonprofit Financial Oversight is designed to serve as a resource for nonprofit board members, officers, finance committee members, audit committee members, and anyone else with financial oversight responsibilities in a nonprofit organization.

Special features of the book include sample policies, a sample finance committee charter, audit committee guidelines, and an annual board financial oversight checklist.  The checklist serves as an annual checkup to help nonprofit boards make sure their financial bases are covered.


"If you’re serving as an officer or director of a nonprofit organization, Mike Batts’ book, Nonprofit Financial Oversight, is a must read.  While it is written for novice board members, it also educates experienced professionals as well.  The concise manual gives a thorough checklist of questions to ask.  Included is an organizational checklist, to be performed like a yearly physical, and even a financial stress test.  Far better to ask questions before problems develop than to wait until an IRS audit, lawsuit, or negative media brings it out.  I whole-heartedly recommend Nonprofit Financial Oversight.  Read it and get a copy for your other board members as well!"

Charles Morgan, Tax Attorney
Miami, Florida

"Nonprofit Financial Oversight is very well written and is an excellent resource for board members and leaders of nonprofit organizations.  Its content is worth tens of thousands of dollars in consulting fees."

Jon Laria, Chief Financial Officer
OneHope, Inc.

Board Member Orientation

Serving on a nonprofit board can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the properly prepared board member. This book is for the generous and busy people who agree to give of their time and talents by serving on nonprofit boards. Nonprofit boards often fail to do a good job of board member orientation for a variety of reasons. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to plan and conduct quality board member orientation programs, and every time a new board member arrives, it’s time to do it again! Because of the challenges associated with providing quality board member orientation, many nonprofit organizations do not do it at all, leaving their board members to wing it. This book provides help and support to the truly great men and women serving on nonprofit boards whose service makes a positive difference in the lives of countless people every day.


“Mike Batts has put his quarter century of advising and serving on nonprofit boards to good use in this accurate and easy-to-read book.”

Chuck Hartman, Associate Professor of Business & Law
Cedarville University

"This book is exactly what a busy volunteer board member needs. It is perfect for board member orientation and for quick reference reminders for the experienced board member."

Doug Starcher, Attorney
Partner - Nelson Mullins 

Complimentary copies are available to all current BMWL clients. Please email [email protected] or fill out the Resource Request Form to request book copies.

About The Author


Mike Batts is the managing partner of BMWL.  Mike has more than 30 years of experience serving nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways.  He advises nonprofit organizations on matters related to board governance, financial reporting, tax compliance and strategy, risk management, corporate structure, international activities, and related topics.  Mike actively engages in nonprofit legislative matters at the federal and state levels.  He served on the Legal Framework Workgroup of the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, a legislative advisory panel formed at the request of the US Senate Finance Committee Chairman.  He has served on and chaired the boards of nonprofit organizations, both nationally and locally.  He is a former chairman of the board and current board member of ECFA, a national organization that accredits religious nonprofit organizations in the areas of board governance and financial integrity.  He served as chairman of the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations, a national legislative advisory commission convened to address tax policy recommendations for Congress, the Treasury Department, the nonprofit sector, and the giving public.  Mike has authored several books covering a variety of topics important to nonprofit organizations, including books addressing board member responsibilities, financial administration, and unrelated business income.  Mike’s newest book is entitled Nonprofit Finance: The Field Guide for Financial Operations of Ministries, Schools, and Other Public Charities (Accountability Press, LLC).  His best-selling book, Board Member Orientation, recently became available in Spanish as well.  Mike is a summa cum laude graduate of Stetson University, where he studied accounting.  Mike received the Florida High Grade Award from having the highest score for the Florida CPA exam on his first sitting for the exam at the beginning of his career.  He is licensed or authorized to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in numerous states.  Mike leads BMWL’s national headquarters office in Orlando as well as its Dallas office.

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