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BMWL Sample Policies, Whitepapers, and Other Resources

The resources listed below are available exclusively to BMWL clients upon request.  If you are a BMWL client, please click here to request a copy of any of the titles listed below. 

Foreign Grantmaking Whitepaper

Personal Use of Employer Owned Vehicles Whitepaper

Sample Capitalization Policy

Sample Intellectual Property Policy

Sample Gift Acceptance Policy

Sample Policy Regarding Joint Ventures with For-Profit Entities

Key Data Security Risk Management Questions for Nonprofit Leaders Whitepaper

Racial Nondiscrimination Requirements for Tax-Exempt Private Schools under Federal Tax Law Whitepaper

Sample Spousal Travel Policy

Sample Policy on Dishonesty, Fraud, and Whistleblower Protection

Sample Record Retention Policy

Quid Pro Quo Contributions Whitepaper

Sample Donor Privacy Policy

Sample Grant Procedures Template for Grants to Individuals or Organizations

Sample Policy for Short-Term Mission Trips and Mission Field Assessment Visits

Religious Publishing Activities Whitepaper

Qualified Sponsorship Payments Whitepaper

Sample Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy

Private Operating Foundation Whitepaper

Various Contribution Acknowledgment Samples

Foreign Earned Income Whitepaper

Sample Master Grant Agreement for Grants to Individuals or Organizations

Synopsis of Self-Dealing Prohibitions Applicable to Private Foundations

Sample Spending Policy for Endowments and Similar Funds