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BMWL is dedicated exclusively to serving organizations that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of people. Organizations we have the privilege of serving want to protect their financial health and reputation. Our entire service model is built around that very idea. BMWL helps you maximize tax exemptions, protect exempt status, produce highly effective financial reports, provide board member governance orientation and training, protect your mission, strategically budget for improved financial condition, simplify your financial administration, improve overall risk management, maintain strong donor trust, and much more!

We provide a wide array of professional auditing, tax, advisory, and related services catered to each type of organization we serve. We have the privilege of serving churches, ministries, charities, associations, private schools, and foundations throughout the United States and in many countries of the world.



Given our use of advanced technologies, geography is not an obstacle for us in serving nonprofit organizations based anywhere in the United States. In fact, we currently serve clients with offices and operations in a growing number of states across the country…from Florida to Oregon, and lots of places in between! We also serve a number of US-based nonprofit organizations with all or part of their operations in other countries. For larger organizations that require audits or other services that entail on-site work, our team gladly travels to your location as needed and our fixed fees typically include all domestic travel and incidental costs. For smaller organizations requiring audit or assurance services or for organizations that require tax services, outsourced accounting services, or advisory services, we can typically provide such services from our offices without the need for travel, using our state-of-the art technologies.

BMWL is a National CPA Firm
BMWL is licensed or permitted to practice in a number of states across the United States. BMWL obtains and maintains all required licenses to practice in the states in which we provide services. For specific information about states in which we are licensed or permitted to practice, please contact our Communications Director via the contact form located on the Contact Us page.

A variety of factors will affect the cost of an audit. The size, nature, and complexity of your organization’s activities are the most significant factors. However, other factors such as the quality of your internal accounting and financial reporting activities are also very relevant. If you would like to have a “ball-park” idea of the fee for an audit of your organization’s financial statements, give us a call. When you first call, we will get some very preliminary information from you. Then, one of our CPAs will follow up and ask you a few questions about your organization and its activities. We are often able to provide a rough fee estimate based on the information we obtain in that phone call from one of our CPAs. Our pricing objective is to be very competitive while taking into consideration the very significant and distinctive advantages our team offers your organization.
The ideal way to determine which of our services best fits your organization’s needs is to talk directly with a member of our team. We offer an array of services including, but not limited to, advisory services, internal control assessments, tax compliance assessments, and full audits. The size of your organization is only one factor to consider. We have a number of smaller clients that require audits for a variety of reasons. However, in our publications and in national speaking engagements, our firm’s leaders have stated publicly that they do not recommend an audit of an organization’s financial statements until the organization has annual revenues of about $3 million or more due to cost-effectiveness considerations (unless, of course, the organization is required to have one as a matter of law or contractual obligation). Accordingly, we generally provide audit and assurance services (including compilations and reviews) to organizations with annual revenues of $3 million or more.
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