Batts Morrison Wales & Lee Announces New Partner – Kaylyn Varnum, Assistant National Director of Tax Services

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – March 8, 2019 – Batts Morrison Wales & Lee (BMWL), a national CPA firm dedicated exclusively to serving nonprofit organizations and their affiliates, announced today the promotion of Kaylyn Varnum to partner.  Kaylyn joined the firm as an intern in 2011 and as a full time team member in 2012. Kaylyn will also serve as the new Assistant National Director of Tax Services and continue to serve BMWL clients across the country.

“We are thrilled that Kaylyn Varnum, having joined our firm right out of college from Stetson University, has become a partner in the firm and the Assistant National Director of Tax Services,” said Mike Batts, BMWL’s President and Managing Partner. “Kaylyn has a natural talent, and she has earned her new role based on her hard work and commitment to excellence.  She sees that what we do has a significant impact on organizations that make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people all over the world.  And she brings a passion for helping others that makes her work very effective.”

Michele Wales, BMWL’s National Director of Tax Services, added, “I am delighted to have Kaylyn joining Julie James and me as a partner in our tax practice. Kaylyn has a unique skill set that is invaluable to our tax practice and to our clients. She also brings a fresh perspective to our senior leadership team that will help carry our firm into the future.”

About Kaylyn Varnum

Kaylyn Varnum received her bachelor of science degree in accounting from Stetson University, where she graduated with highest honors and received the David M. Beights Award for the most outstanding graduating accounting major. Kaylyn’s primary responsibilities include performing research and analysis related to technical tax issues at the federal, state, and local levels; providing tax advisory services related to exempt organization corporate structure planning; obtaining and maintaining federal, state, and local tax exemptions; and evaluating exempt organizations’ tax compliance. She is licensed or authorized to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in numerous states.  She is a contributing author of BMWL’s Nonprofit Feature Articles and Special Alerts, which provide news related to current developments and perspective on issues impacting nonprofits and their leaders. Kaylyn has been a conference speaker on nonprofit taxation issues at both the local and national levels.


Born in: DeLand, Florida
Favorite Food: Southern – A tie between one grandma’s chicken n dumplin’ recipe and the other’s homemade strawberry jam.
Favorite Pastime: “When I’m not wearing my public accounting hat, I’ve occasionally been known to do very non-accountant activities for fun like skydiving, performing improv comedy, or running a half marathon!”
What she likes most about being a part of BMWL: “I truly believe I’m getting to carry out a calling – it’s a unique opportunity to utilize my skillset to meet the needs of organizations whose purpose and mission I’m passionate about!  The icing on the cake is that I get to do that by collaborating with a team of professionals who share that vision, care for one another, and are amazing at what they do!”

About BMWL

Batts Morrison Wales & Lee is a national CPA firm dedicated exclusively to helping nonprofit organizations cover their financial bases through professional audit and assurance, tax, and advisory services. BMWL has a highly experienced and motivated team of professionals, all of whom share a common passion for serving organizations that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of people. The BMWL team helps organizations maintain strong donor trust and confidence, produce highly effective financial reports, strategically budget for improved financial condition, adapt structure for better risk management, maximize tax exemptions, protect exempt status, and provide board member orientation and training. BMWL is honored to serve clients across the United States. With the promotion of Kaylyn Varnum, BMWL has eight partners, all CPAs, which include:

  • Michael E. Batts, President and Managing Partner;
  • Kimberly D. Morrison, National Director – Quality Assurance Services;
  • Michele M. Wales, National Director – Tax Services;
  • Michael M. Lee, National Director – Audit and Assurance Services;
  • Julie W. James, Director – Tax Compliance Services;
  • Dale G. Houser, Partner – Audit and Assurance Services;
  • Danny A. Johnson, Partner – Audit and Assurance Services; and
  • Kaylyn A. Varnum, Assistant National Director – Tax Services.
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